Hi! I am Edwina 🛼 and I solve problems through creative design.
I’ve always been a dreamer and creator at heart. Over the last decade, my passions have taken me around the world. Teaching and traveling in new cultures allowed me to develop an empathy and insightfulness for people far greater than I could’ve imagined. As a designer, understanding people is what I do. 
I love creating and working with teams that are contributing to this world in a positive way. I seek projects that are particularly linked to travel, women’s empowerment, environmental consciousness, and other positive social change!
I came into the UX design space after working in education. As a teacher, designing solutions for my students based on their needs was a cornerstone of my work. Today, I get to expand my reach and apply tailored solutions for users across the globe.
Contact me : edwkoc@gmail.com​​​​​​​
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